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Coming Out...Coming Through
by Doris Karnisky

As an adolescent I always knew that my love for women was an important gift - one of God's many gifts to/for me.  Some of the women in high school were an important part in my life and uplifted it, though I never acted out my love for them orally and physically.  My mother always brought up the question of boyfriends, but I simply stated, "In time, Mom."  Besides such evasiveness to her questions, my mother, an invalid, took all in stride….

In college I walked back to the field of heterosexism and buried my most precious gem - spiritually speaking.  Nothing grew in this heterosexual garden; the relationships I planted had no roots.  By hiding from myself and others, I found my spirituality was a risk.  I was a lesbian, gay and smothered.

My Higher-Power brought me through darkness in the garden of relationship, gay and proud.  Finally I found my friendship with a young woman, as young as I, and we "came out" together (after a liturgy at a local Roman Catholic Church).  She became a significant other and has kept me "straight" and oriented to my true self, as well as to her.  Though her needs to grow in several areas of personality development forced us apart, I love her still - and I'm glad and proud to state it!

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